Filipino Teleseries - Tinik sa dibdib No. 23 - EMBED ONLY

Tinik sa dibdibTinik sa Dibdib unveils the plight of Lorna who works to support her family. Her father Tiburcio is a drunkard and a womanizer, while her mother Candida is sick and weak-willed. To avoid her problems at home, Lorna leaves and becomes a stay-in helper in a beauty parlor. It is there that she meets Lando, a security guard who falls in love with her. Lorna believes that her marriage will be the key to the happiness and freedom she's been longing for. Little does she know that her marriage with Lando will only be the beginning of the most excruciating days of her life. She discovers, while living with Lando, that life with his family is more agonizing than living with her own family. From the day she first sets foot in Lando's house, she falls in bad terms with his stepmother Trixie, while Trixie's sister Moret keeps trying to get her to leave them. Lorna soon understands Moret's reason for wanting her to leave, and a dark secret will destroy the marriage she considers as her only source of happiness. But by this time, will it be too late for Lorna to leave? Will she still find love and happiness that she really needs? Written by Anonymous

Lorna has always been the bread winner of her almost parasitic family. She already sacrificed even the education she deserves and the man that she loves. She fought for the new man in her life named Lando, even if it means getting the ire of her mother and leaving their house. She thought he could save her from the kind of life she has, little does she know the new house she will live in has more twisted secrets inside. Lorna will try to figure out the mystery between her husband and her step-mother in-law Trixie, her only key is her crazy sister in law, Corazon (or Moret). The revelation will only bring her more thorns in her heart.