Steven: 'You're gonna be number one, girl'

pinoy movies - filipino news "American Idol" celebrated the music of the 1960s and Brit pop on Wednesday night and one singer took his songs and knocked them out of the stratosphere.
Joshua Ledet received, perhaps, the greatest praise ever given out on "Idol" during his second number of the night - "To Love Somebody" - a classic from the Bee Gees.
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The soul singer had not heard the song prior to rehearsing it for the show, but bringing it to the stage, he gave a passionate performance that left the judges in utter shock.

Common myths about drinking water

pinoy movies - filipino news Myth 1: Drinking water between meals is bad for digestion – This is one line that has been passed down from generation to generation. However, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that it will affect the digestive process. At the most, it will probably fill you up and reduce your appetite for dinner. But besides that, go ahead and enjoy a glass of water with every meal.

Myth 2: Drink 8 glasses a day for good health – Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is one of the most popular myths in circulation today, despite scientists saying that there is no clear correlation between good health and sipping on water all day. Doctors recommend drinking water only when you are thirsty!

Do you consider Pacquiao as nat'l hero?

pinoy movies - filipino news Would you want the world to think that Manny Pacquiao is the Philippines’ national hero?

In the online edition of “Eye On The Philippines,” international news network CNN placed Pacquiao beside Jose Rizal under the national heroes category in an infographic summarizing basic Philippine facts.

The infographic also showed that the Philippines has a total population of 103,775,000; total Internet users of 8,278,000, and a literacy rate of 90 percent.

As for the country’s demographics, Filipinos’ life expectancy is at 72 years old and their average age is at 22.9, it said.

Miriam gets flak over controversial tweet

pinoy movies - filipino news “Homosexuality is not a sin but it is a lie from the devil. Do not be deceived. God loves gays and wants them to know the truth.”

This tweet from Miriam Quiambao on Sunday, April 29, turned controversial after it got mixed reactions from various sectors.

A lot of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community were outraged by this controversial tweet. And the storm may or may not be over as Miriam apologized but maintained her stand on the matter.

“No offense to the LGBT but the Truth is the Truth that comes from God. Take it or leave it. We will all face the judgment seat of God.”

Lawyer and former Makati 1st District Congressman Teddy Locsin Jr. also expressed his views.

Meet the lady who captured Jericho's heart

pinoy movies - filipino news Lifestyle TV host Kim Jones doesn’t think boyfriend Jericho Rosales’ busy schedule is a bump in their relationship. This is because both of them support each other’s career and Jericho’s fans are behind them as well.

Kim shared that she and Jericho officially got together last October 2011. But it was only in February when he revealed her name to the public. Kim explained that they were waiting for the right time.

“We wanted to make sure that it was the right timing. The way it worked out, I’m happy,” Kim said in a pocket interview on Wednesday, April 25, for Gary Valenciano’s “On Higher Ground” concert at the Music Museum.

7 ways to beat wrinkles

pinoy movies - filipino news How to prevent premature ageing
If you think how well you age is all down to your genes, think again; there are actually many things you can do to help ward off wrinkles. To help keep your skin youthful and supple, check out these 7 ways to beat wrinkles and premature ageing.
Protect yourself from the sun

Premature ageing is often seen as unavoidable and a natural part of getting older; however, up to 90 per cent of the visible signs of ageing are caused by the sun, even though they may not show up until years after sun exposure has occurred. To help avoid premature ageing, wear an SPF of at least factor 15 every day (even on cloudy days as UV rays can penetrate clouds) and switch to a higher SPF when the sun is at its strongest.

Filipino singer's journey to Tribeca

pinoy movies - filipino news NEW YORK (Reuters) - At age 40, Arnel Pineda lived every wannabe rock star's dream, middle-aged fan's fantasy and even one poor country's hope for financial success.
A little more than five years ago, as videos of Pineda performing Journey cover tunes played on YouTube, he sat at home in the Philippines on the verge of giving up his dream of a singing and songwriting career.
But those YouTube clips eventually earned Pineda an audition for rock band Journey, whose hits of the 1980s include "Who's Crying Now" and "Open Arms," and he went on to become their lead singer in an unlikely career trajectory that is now part of Journey lore.
A look inside Pineda's rise to fame and his struggles with rock 'n' roll stardom are the subject of a documentary that is playing at this week's Tribeca Film Festival.

Do long distance relationships ever work?

pinoy movies - filipino news With the increase in travel and the pressures of taking work wherever you can find it, long-distance relationships are becoming more common nowadays.
The fundamental thing to remember when embarking on this type of relationship is to agree on a plan from the very beginning, and commit to it. You will both need to set out your priorities, and agree on them, if you are going to last.
Relationship expert Jennifer Sutherland believes long distance relationships can actually be very healthy for a relationship.

'Idol' returns to stage after near elimination

pinoy movies - filipino news Last week on "American Idol," judges' pet Jessica Sanchez shockingly received the fewest votes, but of course the judges saved her. They in fact bumrushed the stage and wrestled the microphone out of Jessica's hand before she'd even made it through the first verse of her (apparently unnecessary) Judges' Save song. It was a dramatic moment, for sure, so naturally producers milked it for all it was worth, opening this Wednesday's "Idol" top seven redux show with what felt like 10 minutes of ominously scored, grainy, slow-motion footage replaying last week's events. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler's slo-mo expressions of shock-horror. J.Lo's slo-mo high-heeled sprint across the stage. Slo-mo scenes of Jessica lying shell-shocked on a backstage fainting couch, watching a rebroadcast of her near-elimination through frightened Keane-painting eyes. It was all a little much, really.

How to deal with your 'monster-in-law'

pinoy movies - filipino news When you married your husband, you probably already saw signs of what was to come: his mother always tossing in her two cents, then sneaking behind your back to make sure that her son, your fiancé, followed her demands. Or maybe she’d make comments about how you dressed or how you took care of her son.
It may have been easy to ignore what she was doing at first and hope that when you were married, she’d back off. But now, you’re in the middle of a nightmare. Your mother-in-law has turned into a monster-in-law! Do you jump ship and tell your husband, “Sorry, buddy, this wasn’t what I signed up for!” or do you find a way to live in harmony?

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