Sarah Geronimo's candid confession

pinoy movies - filipino news It's been 10 years.
Ten years since a sprightly and talented 14-year-old girl took the stage and, unwittingly, entranced the entire nation.
But what makes Sarah Geronimo such a phenomenon?
Not just platinum records
No, it's not the numerous platinum records she collared through the years, or being part of the biggest Pinoy box office hits in history or even the top-rating shows she headlined. There have been other female artists who achieved similar feats yet have not reached her stature as a true-blue pop superstar.
Her streak of success, the continuing rise of her career despite the inevitable ups and downs of her journey and her so-called transformations bewilder entertainment journalists.

What men want to say to their partners

pinoy movies - filipino news This article almost didn’t get written. I thought the guys I knew would willingly share what they wished their wives or girlfriends would change, but I was met with responses like: “Is this for blackmail purposes?” “No way!” “Are you insane?”

I even begged my husband to weigh in, but he who usually has an opinion on everything shook his head and said, “I am not going to answer that because YOU are my wife. I’m not crazy.” But due to my persistence, I eventually did get responses! I’ve just changed their names to protect their identities.

What Pinoys worry about when traveling

pinoy movies - filipino news QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – If there is one huge problem that Filipino tourists have, it lies in the fact that they cannot seem to readily decide where to go.
A global survey by travel search website Skyscanner showed that among its Filipino respondents, 64 percent said they are stressed out when deciding what place to go to.
Another 21 percent of Filipino respondents said affordable flights is another 'stress factor' when making arrangements to travel.
Surprisingly, other stress factors are low: the quality of airport (2.67 percent), accommodation (1.91 percent), dates (2.60 percent), finances (1.84 percent), and passport issues (5.92 percent) are among the least worries of Filipino travelers.
Apart from domestic travel, among the other preferred destinations of Filipino travelers include Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand.

PH a 'rising star', Barclays says

pinoy movies - filipino news Manila, Philippines - The Philippines is seen to bag its first investment grade rating in history in the next 12 to 18 months as solid fundamentals continue to work on its favor, Barclays said in a report.
“Our base case is for the Philippines to receive its first investment grade rating in the next 12-18 months, although it may take a little longer for it to receive such a rating from two out of the three main agencies,” Barclays said in the report titled “Philippines: The Rising Star.”
Standard & Poor’s Rating Services last Wednesday upgraded the country’s debt to BB+, one notch below investment grade and at par with that given by Fitch Ratings last year. Moody’s Investors Service, meanwhile, rates the Philippines at two notches under investment grade.
Barclays said the Philippines sovereign credit rating is in a “positive trajectory.”
“After Indonesia received investment grade ratings, the market’s focus turned to the Philippines as the next potential candidate in Asia,” the investment bank said.
It pointed to recent developments such as the passage of laws strengthening the fight against money laundering, contained budget deficit, moving public-private partnership (PPP) projects and a manageable inflation as reasons for its optimism.

With finality, Hayden loses medical license

pinoy movies - filipino news MANILA, Philippines - The Court of Appeals (CA) has affirmed a ruling of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) revoking the professional license of cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho stemming from his controversial sex video with actress Katrina Halili.
In a 17-page decision promulgated last June 29 but was released only yesterday, the Eighth Division of the appellate court dismissed Kho’s petition seeking to reverse the findings of the PRC’s Board of Medicine that found him liable for immorality, dishonorable and unethical conduct.

Expiration dates of your beauty products

pinoy movies - filipino news I'm not above sliding on an ancient Lip Smacker when sifting through the contents of my childhood bathroom. Ocassionally nostalgia for things that once called a Kaboodle home just gets the best of me.

Beyond that, though, I'm pretty diligent about replacing my lip glosses and nail polishes. It's a bit annoying that each beauty product lands somewhere dfferent on the expiration date spectrum, since I'd love to treat Sephora like Sam's Club and just replenish my stash of loyal favorites in one fell swoop.

Piolo Pascual needs 'divine' love

pinoy movies - filipino news Keeping himself busy with work, Piolo Pascual is in no rush to enter a new relationship and believes that “it will be given in God’s time.”

Speaking on the set of his teleserye, “Dahil sa Pag-ibig,” which ends Friday, June 29, the star said that he is still waiting and praying for the girl for him.

“Siyempre naman, tao rin naman tayo. Nakakaramdam naman tayo, hindi naman nababaling lahat sa trabaho. Pero, hintay na lang at dasal,” Piolo said.

“If it’s gonna be given, it will be given in God’s time, in proper time,” he added.

What you should never say to your wife

pinoy movies - filipino news It’s a pity no one states the things not to say to your wife ever.
But if we had to had to bribe the pundit to read out the top 10 commandments of what a husband must never mention to his wife instead of wedding vows, this is what it would look like
1. “Maybe you should go on a diet.”
Yes, looking after your house and keeping it habitable has affected how she looks but if you can’t compliment her, don’t ever let her hear this one. Especially when you’re sitting with your perfect tyre in place.
2. “Why don’t you work as long as me?”
Yes, we get it. You’re irritated and need to spark off an argument but talking about what a great sacrifice you make by working is not going to help anyone. Especially if she’s quit her own job to look after the house and kids.

3. “Anand from Accounts is ….”
No, your wife doesn’t want to know about office gossip. When you’re home, she wants you to listen to her not your work problems. At least not every day!
4. “That one looks hot!”

First meeting with your girlfriend's dad

pinoy movies - filipino news The day that a man meets his partner’s father is always a momentous occasion. It’s an inevitable rite of passage. It’s part of the process of becoming close to the girl’s family. However, it isn’t something that all men look forward to. Despite their partners’ support, men will most likely feel a lot of pressure.

1. Let your girlfriend guide you through it before it even happens.

Take the case of Raffy, who, in the past, has met the fathers of his two ex-girlfriends. He relates: “It really depends on what your girlfriend tells you about her dad. She really is the best barometer on how to act and leave a good impression, so I found it really important to listen to what each had to say about their fathers. In both cases, I was apprehensive and I didn't hesitate to tell it to my then girlfriends. I thought that was important because they eased me in.”

It was a different situation for Kevin. Here was a guy who was terrified of meeting his girlfriend’s parents because his she’s from a Chinese family and he’s not. “Plus, I’m her first ever boyfriend,” he explains.

Ever wondered what Olympians eat?

pinoy movies - filipino news Gearing up for the Olympics, athletes are powering down anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 calories a day. But what does that look like exactly? Britain's National Health Service (NHS) spells it out, with the added note to not try this diet at home.
While American swimmer Michael Phelps said he gulps down some 12,000 calories a day of fried egg sandwiches and pizza during training, the typical athlete follows a stricter regime of complex carbohydrates and plenty of lean proteins.

If you're a male Olympic heavyweight rower, this is what your diet might look like, if you're training three times a day, according to the NHS:

7 am: breakfast
• large bowl of cereal, such as porridge, muesli or Weetabix
• half pint semi-skimmed milk plus chopped banana
• 1-2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil or sunflower spread and honey or jam
• glass of fruit juice
• 1 liter fruit squash (concentrated fruit mixes)

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