pinoy movies - filipino movies When Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) finds himself surrounded by friends who are beginning to settle down, he is faced with the possibility of finding his true love. It all boils down to one name: Irene. It must be fate then, when he once again sees Irene (Toni Gonzaga), his ex-girlfriend from three years ago with whom he had the best memories with. Apollo and Irene were a perfect couple, and were engaged to be married. It all ended at the altar when Apollo had a bout of cold feet and left Irene alone in the aisle.

Now, Irene pretends to have no recollection of Apollo, having acquired “amnesia” shortly after their separation. Apollo sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Irene again, and be able to undo all the mistakes he made in the past, by offering Irene the best memories she could ever have.

True love is difficult to resist, they learn. Just when they find themselves ready to commit to each other, the pains from the past catch up with them, challenging them to finally own up to the mistakes made and lies said, and eventually realize what it is to forgive and forget.


pinoy movies - filipino movies Benedicto “Ben” Caballero (Aga Muhlach) is an environmentalist who founded the Mother Earth Movement, an NGO committed to educating Filipinos about the protection of nature. Michelle “Mitch” Valmonte (Anne Curtis) is a marketing assistant who works for his father’s company. She decides to take a vacation with fellow rich friends in Boracay. When Michelle accidentally steps on a sea urchin, she meets Ben, who suggests that someone should pee on her foot to relieve her of the pain.The two instantly hit it off despite their apparent differences. Ben is a vegetarian while Michelle is a carnivore. Ben doesn’t have any vice while Michelle loves to intoxicate herself with alcohol. But their passionate personalities bring them together that they learned to love and accept each other.

But love isn’t always too good to be true. Ben’s involvement in his NGO pushes him to come face to face with Michelle’s father. In the end, Michelle has to make the ultimate decision of choosing between the two men she loves the most.


pinoy movies - filipino movies Three siblings are now well settled with their respective families with contrasting lifestyles.
The common thing that binds them is the love that their mother holds for all of them.

Long-suppressed pains and resentments unravel as the three siblings argue over the prospect of selling a vast tract of land.

What stuff each one is made of faces its true test when the family matriarch, in an act resonant with ritual Christian self-offering, yields her whole being to God and succumbs to a debilitating disease.

Do her beloved children unite or break-up?

FILIPINO MOVIES - Wanted Juan and Ted - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Fugitives Juan and Ted have tried to mend their ways after they bolted jail to escape execution from the hands of Hepe and Langku.

They found work as school bus driver and conductor. They developed special bond with their bus riders who have problems of their own.

One day they went out of town to ease their worries. But the parents of the children panicked and called up the school administrators.

And just when they least expected, Hepe and Langku showed up to reveal their true identities.

Directed by Al Tantay

Janno Gibbs
Bayani Agbayani
Anne Curtis
Angela Velez
Carla Guevarra
Caloy Alde


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Satan commissions Demonyita to destroy the souls of four young men but San Pedro also sends an angel to twart the plan.

Demonyita succeeds in creating havoc in the lives of the men but when one of them falls in love with her, things turn out different as he sets to exorcise the devil out of her.

Directed by Abbo De La Cruz

Gretchen Barretto
Romnick Sarmenta
Maritoni Fernandez
Jennifer Sevilla
Jovit Moya
Janet Arnaiz


pinoy movies - filipino movies Many believe that when a baby dies without being baptized, it leads to the possession of evil. Sheila (Rica Peralejo), Rina (Jennylyn Mercado), Christian (Mark Herras) and Kerwin (JC De Vera), along with their friends, do not believe in such stories.

Against the advice of a concerned mythology professor, they decided to take an out of town trip during the Holy Week.

In the beggining, it would seem like they made the right choice.

But certain events, all seeming to revolve around the dreams and premonitions of Sheila about young evil lurking in the area, are deeply disturbing; disappearance, mysterious children, and strange old woman.

The troubling incidents multiply, pointing to something wrong and it seems they have no way out.

Then tragedy strikes closer when one of them turns out to be the evil himself.

Now, they realize that some of them must make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the unspeakable terror that awaits them all.

Some of them have to die for the others to live.

Director Mark Reyes takes “Tiyanaks” to a higher level of more horrific creatures. “Tiyanaks” offers a different dimension of the infamous fictionla baby creatures more evil, stronger, mischievous, and bigger.

Directed by Mark A. Reyes

Rica Peralejo, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, JC De Vera, Lotlot de Leon, TJ Trinidad


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

A tribute to the real potential of digital cinema, Slingshot is a slum epic on steroids.

It weaves stories left and right into a shocking tableau about life for the lowest of the low in the Philippines poorest and most crime-ridden districts.

National elections are coming up so in the usual attempt to appear "tough-on-crime", The Big Boys have been sent into crack down on the the local squatters, thieves and miscreants who litter the film like broken bottle.

And since no sweep is ever a clean sweep, the cops brutal shock-force tactics quickly ripple outwards with jagged repurcussions.

Starting from the films amazing night time raid and climaxing with a candle-lit vigil by those insulted by the empty words of the politicians, director Brillante Mendoza uses the camera's apparent attention deficit disorder to maximum effect, investigating lives at every turn and blending their true fictions right onto the city streets of Manila for a rich and incredibly immersive feel.

Much of this effect might have been entirely impossible to capture if not for the ease of shooting made possible today.

Mendoza is not only clearly aware of the technological revolution happening in his hands but he is able to seize it so well that he brings back to life the ensemble-cast movie on a level not seen since Robert Altman's finest films.

Directed by Brillante Mendoza and written by Ralston Jover

Coco Martin
Kristofer King
Jiro Manio
Jacklyn Jose
Julio Diaz
Jean Andrews


pinoy movies - filipino movies
Tagalog Movie

This is a story of Adonis (Vhong Navarro), an old orphan who falls in love with single mother, Athena (Valerie Concepcion).

The only way to make their love story come true is for him to win the approval of Atong (Makisig Morales), her only child.

Atong's demand is quite tough; any man who wants to be with his mom has to come from a big family!

Desparate to have the woman and the kid he has already learned to love, Adonis does the greatest performance of his life.

Using Nymfa's (Pokwang) props, costumes and make-up, he creates his own family in himself.

Adonis becomes Tita Barbara, Lola Paulina, and cousin Apol Dayap.

His family wins Athena and Atong for Adonis.

But his lie won't last long.

Athena discovers his betrayal and throws Adonis out of their lives.

Is there still hope for their funny yet poignant story?

Will they still become a family?

Directed by Gilbert Perez

Vhong Navarro
Valerie Concepcion
Makisig Morales
Baron Geisler


pinoy movies - filipino movies Time is not on her side or she spends the rest of her life in solitude. Maricel tries to find true love on a man that still has to discover his real self as played by Diether Ocampo.


pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Luis, a motel roomboy, finds out the place where he is renting a room is about to be demolished.

This sends him hunting for a new place to live with the help of Melba, a prostitute who is a regular client at the motel.

Lonely and vulnerable, Luis starts falling for Melba.

But giving into his emotions means abandoning his wife, Mercy, who is recuperating from a mental relapse in a mental institution.

Torn between his new found love and marital vows, Luis turns his room hunting into an emotional journey that leads to his ultimate dwelling place.

Directed by Aloy Adlawan

Meryll Soriano
Chanda Romero
Ynez Veneracion
Polo Ravales
Retchie del Carmen
Toji Gastrock

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