Filipino Movies - All About Love - (EMBED ONLY

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Courage, trust and taking a risk, what's love got to do with it? Kikay (Angelica P.) and Kiko (Jason A.) grew up together in the province.

But Kikay leaves his best friend to live and study in Manila.

She tries to fit in the city but she ends up being abused by her new friends.


Filipino Movies - Akala Mo - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Rizette is a lady guard who is hopelessly in love with Eric, one of the tenants in the condominium where she is stationed.

For the longest time, she has fantasized that he will love her back.

When Eric's life was endangered, Rizette risked hers to save her knight in shining armor.

Because of this, things were not the same between them anymore.

But will it be a happy ending for them?

Directed by Lyle Sacris

Judy Ann Santos
Dingdong Dantes
Elizabeth Oropesa
Anne Curtis
Katya Santos
Candy Pangilinan

Filipino Movies - Magic Kingdom- Ang Alamat Ng Damortis - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies The Kingdom of Damortis was once ruled by the kind-hearted Empress Sofia (Maricel Laxa) who was ordered to be killed by Basilicus (Mark Gil), her brother who has a great desire for the throne. Princess Dahlia (Anne Curtis), heir to the throne elopes with the blind singer Mico (Ticson Uy). Amain (Jun Urbano) and his warrior trainees, Jobert (Jason Salcedo), Samuel (Junell Hernando), and Oman (Janus del Prado) are tasked to protect the princess and save Damortis from the evil forces of Basilicus.

Directed by: Peque Gallaga / Lore Reyes
Cast: Janus Del Prado, Maricel Laxa, Jason Salcedo, Anne Curtis, Junnel Hernando, William Martinez

Filipino Movies - Isang Bala Ka Lang - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Berting (FPJ), a good cop tries his best to keep the oath that he made to his duty. After being convicted and jailed for twelve years for avenging his wife’s death, he swore to evade trouble and live a peaceful life with his daughter Angela (Julie Vega). But how long can he remain inaction if good people and the law do nothing as criminal elements continue to victimize innocent people?

Directed by: Fernando Poe Jr.
Cast: Fernando Poe Jr., Maggie Dela Riva, Marianne de la Riva, Julie Vega, Paquito Diaz

Filipino Movies - Ika Sampu Malapit Ka na - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies The movie premiered at Cinema 1, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City last November 30, 2010. Ika-Sampu is the story of rich girl Alexa Nicole Dela Vega (played by Alexa Arce), who inherited a mansion. Upon getting curios about what had happened with the mansion many years back, she discovered a dark secret of her family history that dates back during the Spanish era. A ghost from the past haunts Alexa as she stayed inside the mansion as she unfolds the mystery of a missing gold coin.

Veteran actor Eddie Garcia plays a Spanish General who gets everything he wants and punishes those who disobeys his rules. A young peasant indio, Clara (played by Aya Montez), was punished when she was accused of stealing the tenth moneda which was given to Heneral Dela Vega as gift from his comrades.

Through nightmares, Alexa fell prey to the ghost of Clara and eventually led to the discovery of Clara‘s remains inside the premises of the mansion.

The movie goes back in time with flash backs from the Spanish period and going back to the present period.

Filipino Movies - SABLAY KA NA - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Categories: COMEDY

Director:(1) WILLY MILAN
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 130 Minutes

Fans who have been waiting for glamour girl Katrina Halili to go "bold" route will be disappointed.. but will be thrilled to see this beauty as the heroine of her first movie.

Having portrayed villanesses on soaps and endorsed products on TV, the actress graduates to the silver screen as RAVEN, the U.S.-bred, carefree daughter of a caring and loving millionaire (Al Tantay) who hire (Mikey Arroyo) to be her bodyguard/driver/

Raven is liberated, happy-go-lucky and stubborn. Eric is mischievous but constantly aware that Raven's safety and well-being are in his hands. Not surprisingly, sparks fly as the two young people find themselves on opposing sides of situations that make this film an enjoyable comedy.

Providing the action are the "Buraot Boys" a group of rappers, led by Eric who mix it up with the unsavory characters that make-up the "Lupin Boys". In reality the "Lupins" are robbers, drug pushers/users.

Megan (Ethel Booba) is a commercial model and Raven's best friend. She is madly in love with Eric who has eyes only for Raven. A triangle is in the making because the naughty Raven, not only ignores but also belittles her father's employee.. until she realizes that Eric is a good man with a pure heart, willing to give his life for the woman he loves.

Filipino Movies - Gagay Prinsesa Ng Brownout - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Gagay (Gelli de Belen), a barrio lass, saves the town/country from total darkness and makes it big with her invention, together with her wacky siblings, of an uling-powered generato

Directed by: Bey Vito
Cast: Gelli De Belen, Rustom Padilla, Anjo Yllana, Janno Gibbs, Tessie Tomas, Leo Martinez

Filipino Movies - Extranghero - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Botong (Andrew E.), a promdi, is accidentally hit by a meteorite, which gave him extraordinary powers. His enemy is Ivan (George Estregan Jr.) who is also his rival to the heart of Cristy (Michelle Aldana), a rich Manila girl.

Directed by: Ben Feleo
Cast: Andrew E., Michelle Aldana, Jorge Estregan

Filipino Movies - D Uragons - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Sherlock is a private detective who works for a family into importing jewelry.

One day, Sherlock helps Orot, a street-smart fellow but in doing so, the jewelry he is expecting was intercepted by robbers.

Orot, decided to offer his services to Sherlock to recover the jewelry.

Together, they track down the syndicate behind the robbery.

Directed by Ben Feleo

Eddie Garcia
Andrew E
Patricia Javier
Angelu De Leon
Joko Diaz

Filipino Movies - D' Sisters - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

Victor and Michael are ordinary brothers who have different likes and taste in life.

Victor is a chickboy while Michael likes food and is very gullible.

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, they find themselves entangled in mischief with the authorities and goons.

Seeking shelter as nuns, will they ever pull this one off?

Directed by Tony Y. Reyes

Vic Sotto
Michael V
Beth Tamayo
Lara Morena
Lindsay Custodio
Maricel Morales

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