Zia: Not just another Quizon

pinoy movies - filipino news Zia Quizon is happy people accept her for who she is and her style of music.

Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla’s daughter says, “I’m really an awkward, dorky person. I’m not glamorosa in person. So, my biggest fear was people might not accept me being dorky and awkward. Apparently, my charm is not having a charm,” Zia said in an interview on Tuesday, February 21, at Club Phi in Ortigas.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is slowly coming out of her shell and getting used to the limelight.

Get to know the 'Filipino Wrecking Machine'

pinoy movies - filipino news Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Mark Munoz, christened “The Filipino Wrecking Machine,” may not have a title belt yet, but he has the heart of a champion Filipinos all over the world can be proud of.

For Mark, winning bouts and gaining fame from UFC are not the only reasons he became a mixed martial arts fighter. Also a wrestling coach in college, one of his aims in life is to give free clinics for children or teenagers interested in wrestling.

According to Mark, wrestling may look simple to spectators but when they get involved in it, like train in the sport,

How to negotiate for a higher salary

pinoy movies - filipino news I mentioned to an advertising honcho friend of mine that I was thinking of writing a story on how to negotiate salary in job interviews. My friend, who is in his 50s—we'll call him Don—was inspired to write me a 10-point memo on how he's done it. Don likes to play hardball.

Don's tips include such advice as "If they've decided on you, you got 'em by the balls," and "Lie about your previous salary." Among other things, he suggests, go to your present boss, tell him you have an offer, and then "lie about how much the new job is offering and see if you can get more. Negotiate back and forth, depending on which company you want to end up with and how many bridges you want to burn."

So successful has Don been at manipulating employers that one year he wangled two different six-month severance packages. "I made 12 months in severance pay and worked only five months," he wrote.

But then at the end of his advice laundry list, he included a coda: "Of course, this was all then." He continued: "Now, I beg. I grovel. I take whatever anyone wants to give me. I suck up in ways that would shock others. I thank them profusely, lie to make myself younger and tell them about my nine sick kids so they don't fire me." One more thing: "If they make a cultural reference you don't get, just say, 'Whatever.' Apparently, that means you know."

Pacman gets goofy with new boxing foe

pinoy movies - filipino news A combination photo shows (top to bottom): Boxer Manny Pacquiao (L) of the Philippines posing with competitor Timothy Bradley Jr. of the U.S., and taking pictures of him during a news conference to announce their upcoming World Boxing Organization (WBO) welter weight championship fight, in Los Angeles, California February 21, 2012. The bout is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9, 2012. REUTERS/Bret Hartman (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BOXING TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Furious Hayden goes on a tweet spree

pinoy movies - filipino news Hayden Kho Jr. retracted his earlier tweets, which he referred as “a real proof of infidelity.”

On Monday, February 20, Hayden posted a photo of a handwritten letter with the accompanying tweet: “You accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it's really true. Proof? C'mon show me.”

“That proof better be a real proof of infidelity just like this one.”

The said letter reads as follows:


Top car innovations used around the world

pinoy movies - filipino news Our cars are faster, smarter and most importantly, safer, thanks to these 10 innovations.

1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Found in almost all but the cheapest cars, ABS is a simple “anti-lock” system that gives drivers the capability to steer around danger under hard braking by preventing the wheels from locking up. The modern evolution of the ABS sees it being paired up with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), a system which can vary the amount of braking force applied to each wheel.

2. Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Once reserved for the upper price bracket, ESP technology has been slowly trickling down to the mid-class segment. Fitted with sensors that monitor the car's behaviour, an ESP-equipped car is able to minimize the loss of control in slippery situations. ESP works in unison with several systems which include ABS and traction control.

Filipino Movies - Petrang Kabayo At Ang Pilyang Kuting - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Petrang Kabayo at Ang Pilyang Kuting (1988) is a Filipino fantasy comedy film about the ill-mannered Petra(Roderick Paulate) who was cursed by Silveria (Zorayda Sanchez), the goddess of horses because of his father who is very mean to horses. Petra will turn to a horse on the eve of his 21st birthday. The only way to break it is to perform three heroic deeds before his birthday or become a horse forever.

Filipino Movies - My Amnesia Girl - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies When Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) finds himself surrounded by friends who are beginning to settle down, he is faced with the possibility of finding his true love. It all boils down to one name: Irene. It must be fate then, when he once again sees Irene (Toni Gonzaga), his ex-girlfriend from three years ago with whom he had the best memories with. Apollo and Irene were a perfect couple, and were engaged to be married. It all ended at the altar when Apollo had a bout of cold feet and left Irene alone in the aisle.

Now, Irene pretends to have no recollection of Apollo, having acquired “amnesia” shortly after their separation. Apollo sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Irene again, and be able to undo all the mistakes he made in the past, by offering Irene the best memories she could ever have.

True love is difficult to resist, they learn. Just when they find themselves ready to commit to each other, the pains from the past catch up with them, challenging them to finally own up to the mistakes made and lies said, and eventually realize what it is to forgive and forget.

Filipino Movies - Mano Po 4 Ako Legal Wife - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Elton Chiong (Jay Manalo) is a businessman having three wives. Chona (Zsa Zsa Padilla), a pure Chinese is his legal wife having three children, Hamilton (John Prats) who is a homosexual, Hibiscus (Julianne Lee) and Anthurium (Ella Guevara); Patty (Cherry Pie Picache), who is a Chinese with having a Visayan accent. She gives good luck to Elton, with their only son Nixon (JC De Vera); and Gloria (Rufa Mae Quinto), a Filipino is Elton’s mistress.

Filipino Movies - Maging Sino Ka Man - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Tagalog Movie

In spite of having the world at the palm of her hand , socialite Jackie Madrigal (Bea Alonzo), is still yearning for something more real than her fairytale life.

That is until she crosses paths with Eli Davide (John Lloyd)- a modern-day pauper who is forced by dire circumstances to take Jackie away and give her more than what she has bargained for; a rustic setting to Jackie's now obliterated memory due to the amnesia she suffered after being the target of the kidnapping gone awry.

With Jackie's memory empty as a blank canvas, Eli paints for her the fictitious character of Princess, and for them a fictitious life of being husband and wife.

Meanwhile Jackie's sudden disappearance leaves her boyfriend, JB Berenguer (Sam Milby), with yet another crisis to struggle with aside from his mother's (Chin-Chin Gutierrez), insufferable control over his life, which in turn paves the way for him to get close to the last person on earth that his formidable mother would want him to get associated with: Jackie's flamboyant cousin, Celine Magsaysay (Anne Curtis), who has been harboring secret feelings for him all this time.

Bea Alonzo
Anne Curtis
Sam Milby
John Lloyd Cruz
Christopher de Leon
Chin-Chin Gutierrez

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