Your most memorable moment with mom

pinoy movies - filipino news The times we spend bonding with our mothers are priceless. If we could hold on to that moment, we would. We want to relive it every chance we get because nobody else can make us feel as good or as safe as our moms can. (Dads can make us feel that way, too...but in a different way.)
So, as Mother's Day nears, Filipinomax! Philippines SHE invites you to share a photo of your most memorable moment with your mom. It could be a recent digital photo of you and your mother enjoying coffee together or it could be a scanned image of an old photo of you as a kid playing with your mom.

Email your photos to along with a paragraph consisting of two to five sentences describing the moment depicted in the photo. Unless you wish to remains anonymous, please use your real name in the submission so we can cite you properly. Please indicate also that you are authorizing Filipinomax! Philippines SHE to use the photo in a special Mother's Day feature/slideshow, which may be published on the filipinomax! Philippines SHE site. Just type this passage to signify your consent: "I authorize Filipinomax! Philippines SHE to use this photo."

The Filipinomax Philippines SHE Staff will then go through the photos and pick two winners, whose names will be announced on the Filipinomax! SHE (Philippines) Facebook page on Friday, May 11. Each winner will get four (4) gift certificates worth P1,500 each, valid in any Food and Beverage Outlet (except Salon de Ning and Old Manila) at The Peninsula Manila (Manila Pen), valid until May 31, 2012.