What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

pinoy movies - filipino news In time for International Women’s Day and Women’s Month, we went out on the street to meet random Pinays of all ages. In this first installment of Yahoo! SHE’s “Real Women Share,” we solicited life—and love—advice that women want to give to other women.

We also want you to share your best life advice to other women in our comments section. The updated version of this article will contain the snippets of wisdom which the Yahoo! She Staff thinks are the best.

Here’s what 10 random Pinays imparted to us:

“There are some problems that can be solved without you doing anything about them. Sometimes you just have to sleep on it. Things seem clearer after you get enough sleep.” –Marjorie, 28, nurse

“I always brace myself for the worst so I always do my best. That’s how I study for my exams. I always think that it’s going to be super hard so I’ll study more. So far, it’s always turned out well for me.” –Jenny, 19, college student

“This one’s from comedienne Lily Tomlin: ‘Even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.’ That’s how I remind myself to always play fair and be honest.” –Paula, 33, government office clerk

“Don’t make decisions when you’re hungry.” –Marielynne, 29, accountant

“Money is good but your health is more important. The money you earn from doing a lot of overtime will just go to hospital expenses. I learned this the hard way.” –Tess, 27, call center agent

“When it comes to your kids, you have to lead by example. Hindi pwede na pagbawalan mo sila tapos gagawin mo pala (You can’t tell them not to do something when you’re doing it yourself).” –Gina, 40, executive secretary and mother of two boys

“Love is blind—but that doesn’t mean it should be stupid. You can forego the requirement for your boyfriend to be handsome, but you shouldn’t tolerate men who are lazy, abusive, or dumb.” –Elizabeth, 18, college student

“You should only trust the people who are truly kind are kind to everyone. If a person is kind to you but insults, say waiters at the drop of a hat, then that person is not really kind.” –Pepper, 24, administrative assistant

“If life throws you lemons, sell them. Why should you have a hard time making lemonade? Kidding side, I’m saying that you should use your disappointments as inspiration to do better or maybe travel another path.” –Elisa, 36, lawyer and mother of three