Meet the lady who captured Jericho's heart

pinoy movies - filipino news Lifestyle TV host Kim Jones doesn’t think boyfriend Jericho Rosales’ busy schedule is a bump in their relationship. This is because both of them support each other’s career and Jericho’s fans are behind them as well.

Kim shared that she and Jericho officially got together last October 2011. But it was only in February when he revealed her name to the public. Kim explained that they were waiting for the right time.

“We wanted to make sure that it was the right timing. The way it worked out, I’m happy,” Kim said in a pocket interview on Wednesday, April 25, for Gary Valenciano’s “On Higher Ground” concert at the Music Museum.

First meeting

They first met in March 2011 through a mutual friend but it was a couple of months later when they decided to meet up again. In a separate interview, Jericho said he deemed it was the right time to introduce Kim as his girlfriend since he wanted people to know her for her work, not for her relationship with him.

“That’s why when we spoke about it, we want it to be the right timing, for me as well. I have my own dreams, aspirations,” Kim said.

“I’m just here, doing what I love, hosting and influencing young women, reaching out to them anyway I can,” she added.

Kim is the newest member of talent management company Genesis Entertainment.

She also has a special participation in Gary’s “On Higher Ground” concert at the Music Museum, which runs on April 20, 26, and 27 and May 9 and 10 at the Music Museum.

“It’s a surprise, it’s just for one song, (but) I’m not singing in the concert. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s been fun being a part of the show, so I’m happy to be a part of it,” Kim said.

A big heart

Kim also shared that Jericho is “very creative” and has a “big heart.”

“He’s the type of person whose talents can go on forever. Hopefully, people can see it to the full extent. He’s super funny. He has a very big heart, a very giving heart. He never fails to make me laugh,” Kim goes on.

It was not hard for Kim to get the approval of Jericho’s fans since they have been supporting their relationship even before Jericho admitted it to the public. Kim shared that Jericho’s fans even coined a couple name for them—JeriKim and KimEcho.

“I love his fans, they’re very supportive. We tweet each other a lot of times. It’s nice to have that support,” Kim said.

Kim is aware of the demands of Jericho’s job as an actor, but she doesn’t mind, saying that they “give each other time.”

“No. We support each other actually. He watches my shows, I watch his shows. I actually learn a lot watching him, especially that he’s been in the industry for a long time now,” Kim relates.

Acting alongside Jericho

Is she open to acting alongside Jericho?

“It depends. Well yah, of course, if it’s a right project. Who doesn’t want to be on the set with Jericho,” Kim replied, smiling.

But for now, Kim shared that she wants to focus first on hosting while learning to speak Tagalog.

“For now I want to master my craft in hosting, things like that. If opportunity comes along, I would be open to it,” she goes on.