Expiration dates of your beauty products

pinoy movies - filipino news I'm not above sliding on an ancient Lip Smacker when sifting through the contents of my childhood bathroom. Ocassionally nostalgia for things that once called a Kaboodle home just gets the best of me.

Beyond that, though, I'm pretty diligent about replacing my lip glosses and nail polishes. It's a bit annoying that each beauty product lands somewhere dfferent on the expiration date spectrum, since I'd love to treat Sephora like Sam's Club and just replenish my stash of loyal favorites in one fell swoop.

But keeping track of those different shelf lives is worth it. Beauty products aren't only cleaner and safer to use when replaced regularly, they work better, too. And even if you're not afraid of a little bacteria, that's reason enough to restock them on schedule, right?